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Relocation - let your dreams come true: Wawibox supports you!

Why shouldn't you be able to live your dreams? Many people out there have dreams - maybe to work and live in another country - but see many obstacles or challenges to make such a project a reality. Not with us! You are exactly right here.

Wawibox as an employer will support you, if you have decided to move to Heidelberg. We will accompany you step by step through the whole relocation process and support you wherever possible. 

The great news, when we hear that another new employee is relocated, excites us and at the same time means that we can develop our already colorful team even more diverse and international. This has advantages on all levels: we get to know other cultures among ourselves, we speak other languages or learn them, we promote our cosmopolitan outlook and we get a lot of great know-how in addition - simply put: we learn very intensively from each other and thus grow beyond ourselves.


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Checklist and info brochure

To support and accompany our newbies, no matter in which situation, is a matter of the heart for us. Especially when it comes to a relocation, we want to support you as much as possible. Therefore, after signing the contract, we will send you a relocation checklist as well as an information brochure, in which you can read all the information about the exact procedure and the first steps of the relocation.

Contents of the brochure are the German statutory health insurance, the search for a suitable doctor, German and integration courses, the German school system (if children travel with you) as well as everyday things such as waste separation, climate, supermarkets, salary, taxes, social security and much more. 

The checklist is divided into to-do's before, during and after the entry, so you always know which step comes next.

Ongoing support by People & Culture

Basically, we as the People & Culture Team see ourselves as the first point of contact for all concerns regarding the relocation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time - even after the official onboarding. We are here to help you with words and deeds and are eager to help where we can. 

The goal of our relocation support is to make the start of your career at Wawibox as easy as possible.


How is the relocation process divided and where exactly does Wawibox provide support?

At the beginning of each relocation is the application for an entry visa at the consulate in the home country: the purpose of the trip plays a major role. Which visa to apply for depends on your home country and must be considered individually. The requirements vary from country to country.

We basically support you with the question, which visa can be applied for and which documents are necessary for this. The appointment requests at the German diplomatic mission in your home country as well as the visit to the authority itself, you have to do personally on site.


EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland:
right of free movement of workers, i.e. they can move and work freely across borders, entirely without authorization

Non-European countries; third countries:
Require an entry visa and recognition of professional qualifications

Nationals of Israel, Australia, Japan, Canada, Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America - may stay in Germany for 3 months without a visa and must apply for a residence permit within this period.


Since we are aware of the time required for visa approval, we initiate the accelerated skilled worker procedure in some cases. This is intended to reduce the duration of the process and ensure a speedy start in Germany. 

Arrived in Germany 

As soon as you arrive in Germany, you will first be warmly welcomed by all of us. :-) And then we can do much more for you. We take care and support you with

  • the first temporary accommodation.

In order to avoid having to look for a room for the first few days after arrival at the airport, we usually take care of this for our newbies. In the process, we clarify in advance with the participants which framework conditions the first accommodation must bring with it and whether an accommodation provider certificate can be issued by the landlord. This is necessary for registration with the city or municipality. 


: if you want to look for accommodation yourself, we would like to point out that it makes sense to look for a long-term apartment in the same city/municipality if possible. This has the background that otherwise the foreigners authority must be changed, to apply for a long-term residence and the transfer of the documents from one to the other authority could then take a few days / weeks. The process is dragged out.



  • the registration in the respective city.

Without registration with the city, neither a bank account nor registration with a health insurance company can take place. It is a prerequisite for many other processes and should be arranged as soon as possible. For this purpose, you must appear in person at the competent authority and hand in the necessary documents.


  • looking for a long-term place to stay.

Looking for an apartment in Germany, especially in big cities, is not always easy: but don't worry, we have always found a solution! We will send you links to portals and websites where you can independently look for suitable, long-term apartments. We also give you tips and share background information, such as the names of the cities in the immediate vicinity to the office, the price structures, service charges and much more. You will then visit the apartments on your own.


  • the search for a suitable health insurance provider.

The payroll accounting department registers all contributors with all relevant offices, but also requires the data for the health insurance. In Germany, you are required to have health insurance, but you can choose your own provider. We will send you a comparison portal for this purpose, within which you can decide and register yourself for a health insurance company.


  • the search for a suitable bank.

Opening a bank account is also one of the first steps once you arrive in Germany. The transfer of the salary to foreign accounts is almost always associated with fees, which is why it makes sense that an online bank account is opened: this you can easily open in your home country and does not have to be a German online bank account. 


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We are excited to accompany you on your way to your dream! Write to us if you have any further questions about the Wawibox Relocation Program. 

We look forward to hearing from you!